Specialists Suite - Custom Programs

Specialists Suite - Custom Programs

In continued efforts to serve the community, we are connecting our digital platform as a gateway for the public to access a customized stress, anxiety, and mental health program, that will help people cope and will address a range of issues from minor stress and anxiety to more serious mental health concerns. Especially during this difficult time when communities are coping with the covid-19 crisis, this is a valuable service to all. Our custom programs combines the following:

1. Initial counselling session with a physician over a video visit to address basic issues and may be enough for minor cases covered by OHIP.

2. Subsequent referral for a video visit with a medical specialist in mental health, anxiety, and stress when deemed necessary after the initial counseling session (also covered by OHIP). Medical strategies for treatment can be assessed.

3. 10 minute initial free video session with a registered psychotherapist who can provide more information regarding enhanced non-OHIP therapy that can be provided as a private paid or third party insurance paid service. Non-medical and therapeutic strategies for treatment can be assessed.

The 3 step integrated care approach allows a comprehensive service that can address minor and major issues related to stress, anxiety, and overall mental health. We are committed to serve the GTA in this diffficutl time by providing digital access, immediate care, and integrated health solutions all through nowaitwalkin.com.