Specialists Suite - Custom Programs

Mental Health & Anxiety - Custom Programs

Because of covid-19 and many stressful factors associated with fear of disease as well as social isolation and fear of economic loss, stress and anxiety levels have risen throughout our community.

We have a special custom program that can help with minor as well as major anxiety and stress issues. You can access this program from the convenience of your own home.

Log in to nowaitspecialists.com and log into our mental health and anxiety custom program. You will get a OHIP covered video visit with a doctor who will assess your general stress and anxiety levels and create a plan for you for further video visits as well as counselling, natural health solutions, and medication when needed.

All a few clicks away done right from the comfort of your own home. NoWaitSpecialists.com

The 3 step integrated care approach allows a comprehensive service that can address minor and major issues related to stress, anxiety, and overall mental health. We are committed to serve the GTA in this diffficutl time by providing digital access, immediate care, and integrated health solutions all through nowaitwalkin.com.